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Feb 24th, 2020 by doggieclub at 3:00 am

It's Part 2 of Milla's interview, and we're talking about some of the amazing dogs and people she's worked with. We also hear from a very special guest, who we can safely assume is appearing on her first podcast segment! 

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Feb 17th, 2020 by doggieclub at 3:00 am

Today on Doggie Club I am beyond excited to share part one of my conversation with Milla Chappell of @realhappydogs.  Milla and I discuss how she made the transition from wedding photography over to dog and pet photography, as well as her work with the incredible nonprofit @fosterdogs.  

I can also personally guarantee following Milla will get you:

REAL stories &

HAPPY photos of



Feb 10th, 2020 by doggieclub at 3:00 am

Our final bonus episode from Season 3 of the #train20challenge is here, just in time for Season 4!

Emma and I have a bunch of great conversations during this interview, ranging from our shared experiences in the world of Music and Music Education, to the confidence and peace of mind she feels having Zooey by her side.  

Keep up with Season 4 of the #train20challenge by visiting on Instagram and stay tuned for this seasons winners! 

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Jan 27th, 2020 by doggieclub at 3:00 am

Are you ready to hear about this adorable little Frenchie named Olee? Well, this week I'm super excited to release part two of my conversation with Michelle Silva, where we discuss her involvement with @roadogs and some of her foster pups, including recent adoption Olee! 


Jan 20th, 2020 by doggieclub at 4:00 am

Today on Doggie Club we are beyond excited to welcome Michelle Silva, the human behind @Bruley and producer on seasons three and four of Queer Eye. On part one of our interview we discuss and celebrate Bru's life. Michelle and I also talk about grieving alongside a social media following, and the complexities of navigating through it. 

Jan 13th, 2020 by doggieclub at 4:00 am

Part two of my conversation with Amber Duggan is all about @wethedogsdc! We discuss dog-friendly spots that have been curated by people living in DC and NYC, as well as some amazing crossovers that have taken place through We The Dogs. 

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Jan 6th, 2020 by doggieclub at 4:00 am

Today on Doggie Club we have Amber and @izzy_the_chow

Part one of our interview focuses on Izzy's rehabilitation and life with Amber in the District of Columbia.  Then next week, Amber and I dive into the 501c3 she created to help support local animal rescue called @wethedogsdc.  A truly special conversation that I'm super excited to have ring in this new year! 


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Dec 23rd, 2019 by doggieclub at 4:00 am

Here is a snippet from bonus episode number two (of three!) from our #train20challange winners! This is all the stuff I couldn't fit into the Rizzo episode from July.

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Dec 16th, 2019 by doggieclub at 4:00 am

Part three of @pigpenthepittie is all about hospice fostering and adoption, as well as some amazing shout-outs from Samantha. Thank you for listening and supporting Doggie Club as we get ready to enter 2020 with lots of great new episodes! 



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Dec 12th, 2019 by doggieclub at 4:00 am

A true Doggie Club throwback today, we're releasing a special Thursday episode because this conversation was just too good! I am proud to present Part 2 of our chat with @pigpenthepittie. Today Samantha and I talk all about Penny's amazing siblings, and the tangible impact they've had. We're talking all things Loose Seal and Gert today!


We mention these amazing accounts in this episode: @fosterdogs, @lilybug_lpb, @amcny, @mrbonesandco