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Tornado 2: Nado Returns! (
Jul 29th, 2019 by doggieclub at 4:30 am

The Train 20 Challenge week just wouldn't feel complete without a (quick) conversation with its creator and friend of the podcast, Amanda. While recording our commentary for the winning episodes, we also discussed a brand new hashtag on Tornado's page, #mymuzzlestory (Go Steven!). Visit on Instagram to find out more!

Being a part of this season was a huge honor of mine, and my conversations with these winners will forever be an amazing product of this collaboration. I SO look forward to next season, thank you again Amanda!

Thank you to these amazing Sponsors of the #train20challenge: @pinupsforpitbulls, @handmadebyhutter, @healedbythehound, @donosews, @unicornbullybites, @suziescbdtreats, @ruffandproper, @rescued.loved.ginger.piper